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We are custom designers for quilts, apparel accessories, knitted or crocheted items, custom embroidery and just about anything you could imagine.  If you can imagine it can be created!

01 Repair or Finish


Having a family heirloom should mean that you do not want to hide it, or you have a quilt top that has not been finished.  We can finish your quilt top also and when your quilt or treasure is on display or in use it can get worn or tattered.  Those things can be repaired/restored and finished.  I have a quilt that my great-grandmother gave my wife and I for your wedding.  We always had it out, it is beautiful, but after 3 kids back to back it did get a little worn so I restored it an we still enjoy it today.  When my Great-Grandmother passed away I was given 4 quilt tops that she had made but never quilted them.  We packed them away for many years and now am in the process of finishing them.  I remember most of the fabric used on them as years ago they used pieces from worn clothing to make quilts.  She would be appalled that today we go out and buy new material to make quilts out of.  How times have changed!

02 Custom Embroidery


We can add custom embroidery to any item that you may have.  On most quilts or items that are not apparrel I add my name and year made.  On a recent custom quilted Christmas tree skirt I added.  "Made with love just for you - 2014 - Love Mom & Dad"  So in 50 years when that tree skirt is used by a child or grandchild they will know when and who it came from.

04 Beadwork


Do you have a favorite jacket or jeans or any other item of clothing that just fits perfect and it just needs to be re-fashioned.  Think about adding some sparkle to it or a combination of some custom embroidery embellished with some high quality beadwork.

03 Babies and Toddlers


We take great pride in the things we create for couples, grandparents or other friends and family for those little bundles that they have been blessed with.  We make custom blankets, personalized Teddy Bears, hooded towels, crocheted afghans and many more items.  We have also made play blankets such as for checkers, farm themes, train themes and more.  The best part is we personalize everything so they know it is theirs and who gave it to them.

05 General Sewing of any Kind 


We can custom make or alter most items.  Having clothing that fits our bodies instead of the cookie cutter designs makes a world of difference in how we look and feel. 

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