This reversible Microwave Bowl Cozy "PickUp" is great for retrieving those bowls you need to heat up and then take out of the microwave without burning your fingers! Simply place a bowl of food inside these specially designed pads, put in the microwave to desired time then when food heating is complete, "PickUp” any 2 corners of the cozy to remove the bowl and you are ready to eat using the cozy as a shield from the hot bowl. It is recommended for safety reasons to use in 2-4-minute intervals when heating up...for a maximum of 8 minutes as this is designed for heating or warming foods...not baking them. Other uses: Keeping your bowl cooler for scooped ice cream or use as a decorative bowl covering for a not so attractive looking bowl. When washing is needed, simply toss in washer on Gentle Cycle OR hand wash and let air dry on back of bowl to retain its shape. The cozies measure roughly 10-1/2 square. Proudly made in the USA!

Microwave Bowl Cozy Chili Peppers


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